New Patients

The moment you walk into the door there is a vibrant atmosphere conducive to healing and positivity. Everyone is working hard to get better either from their injury or improving their athletic movements or simply to lose weight. Your evaluation will be one on one to get to the root of the issue and bring you to a better state of well-being in treating the whole condition not just what hurts at that time. After you are better, you will be given a comprehensive home exercise program to help prevent future occurrences or there are programs within the building you can transition to help improve your health or performance in a particular sport/event. Please print off the forms below if it is convenient so when you arrive, we can roll into treating you faster and get you moving and feeling better sooner!


Print and bring with you filled out to save you time at your evaluation.

This is a cash based system where most methods of payment are accepted

Note: Nothing is ran through your insurance company.