New Athletes

Programs Provided

Strength and Performance Training

Semi-private sessions for athletes of all ages. Your goals of what level you want to attain or exceed will be noted and accomplished. Generally for those who have competition level aspirations. Training sessions vary each day depending on overall loading and time to competition.

General Fitness

For those ranging from the weekend warrior to the person who just wants to lose some weight and/or tone a few areas. Nutrition is key here as in all places! You’ll get an individualized workout that’ll change as needed to fit your individual goals.

Boot Camp

Group setting where the focus is weight loss and toning. This is taking fitness to the next level but great to meet more people with the same goals in mind!




Pitching Program

Pitching program with our coaches working on mechanics, delivery, and velocity. Corrective exercises performed with performance movements to improve performance with pitching specifically and decrease overall injury risk. These athletes tend to have lower injury risk and improve longevity during the season after the program.

Physical Therapy Services (cash based only)

Flat fee in semi-private setting with option to transition to fitness or performance level of care afterwards! Varies by individual but only for those with high deductibles, Medicaid, and/or no-insurance.

Goal to progress to fitness programs when medically appropriate but quickly!

Little League Workouts

Exclusive for the members of the organization itself. Must be a member to be a part of this. No other members get these workouts. 

Injury Screenings

Performed free of charge for any high school athlete or otherwise approved individual.

Functional Movement Training

Training the basics of human movement to get you back to daily living and provide a stable base to progress to weight lifting and sports training.

Corrective Movement Training

Programming based to supplement your current training at school to improve upon overall movement and performance. These are techniques based out of training received from Cressey Performance. Contact for specifics.

Forms to Bring