South River Rehab is amazing! Justin and the staff are very professional and knowledgeable. The facility is spacious and clean with tons of equipment. Highly recommended!


Justin was able to quickly determine the root cause of my pain and offer quick relief through a brief, yet intentional therapy session.

He gave suggestions for a long-term solution through exercises and adjustments to my posture.

I appreciated that he followed up with me the next day and requested updates on my overall strength and performance as I implement the changes he suggested.


Not even three months since I had major neck spine surgery and I am heading back to crossfit. I will have some limitations for the next three months, but Justin Demitt knew I wanted to get back to what I love doing and my physical therapy was tailored to achieve this. I always said Justin had eyes in the back and side of his head because he saw everyone at all times and ensured that everyone was doing the movements properly. He could also read my expressions and knew when I was having a painful day and knew exactly what to do to make me feel better. Highly recommended!!


Justin is amazing. I’m 4 months out of ACL reconstruction and am way ahead of schedule feeling great. He knows what he’s doing and has a relationship w all of his patients! I won’t go anywhere else!