Ow my aching knee…and not the one you made up!

Ow my aching knee….but only when I run!

I get it. You are trying to be healthy. You want to lose weight or just want to keep that body you had in high school. So you run. At first it was great (relatively outside of the feeling like you ran 100 miles and you ran 100 feet). Slowly you are knee or knees have begun to hurt. This slows you down or stops you completely. End of story? Should it be? What if I told you that it can be fixed in a relatively cheap way?

Some causes or knee pain while running are:

  • Changes in shoewear
  • Sudden change in activity
  • Increases in weight
  • Overall poor core stability and/or leg strength
  • Poor running mechanics

How can you fix it?

  • Comprehensive physical therapy evaluation to determine the cause and immediately change that cause
  • Shoe evaluation to determine if you have the right shoe and if not, help you obtain the right pair of shoes
  • Possibly changing your running routine to slowly ramp up to lose weight and decrease load while running to improve your pain and increase your enjoyment of exercise

It is really that simple…now. If you wait, you won’t be so easy!

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