Baseball Players….A Different Breed

Baseball Players…a different breed….that’s for sure!!!

Overhead athletes, in particular baseball players, are different than the general population. They have unusual torques at their shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand…their entire body at high loads sometimes hundreds of times. That means, their treatment of pain requires a different evaluation, different treatment, and different upkeep to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

First thing to recognize, each position on the field is different. No kidding…meaning their requirements, demands, arm slots, presentation…all different. A small dose of this is below:

A comprehensive exam will cover everything from head to toe. Spinal motion, single leg stability and strength, core stability, arm range of motion, etc, any weakness in the link can lead to disaster or best case scenario, pain. This could be shoulder pain in the late cock back stage, elbow pain going through the release phase, or low back pain because the stride is closing off the mechanics too much.

How can you prevent injury and excel in this sport?

  • Comprehensive performance program designed for BASEBALL player and NOT FOOTBALL
  • Pitching evaluation and coaching
  • Movement screen

Prevention is cheaper than a $5000 MRI and $25000+ surgery…

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