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South River is the first and only cash-based physical therapy service and performance training center in the Shenandoah Valley. This is a place where the patient or client sets the standards and tone for their treatment and/or athletic performance. It cuts out the middle man, insurance providers, to offer a high quality product at an affordable rate. In all of our lifetimes we have seen a shift in insurance rates, coverages, and overall declining health. Stop being at the mercy of someone sitting behind a desk to get the care you deserve. Physical therapy, sports performance training (baseball, basketball, football, soccer, track, etc.), boot camps, general gym memberships, and baseball instruction provided by local experts are all under one roof. Literally a one-stop shop for your physical and sporting demands. Stop by, ask questions, be an informed consumer and take charge of health!

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Baseball Players….A Different Breed

Baseball Players…a different breed….that’s for sure!!! Overhead athletes, in particular baseball players, are different than the general population. They have unusual torques at their shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand…their entire body at high loads sometimes hundreds of times. That means, their treatment of pain requires a different evaluation, different treatment, and different upkeep to make sure … Continue reading Baseball Players….A Different Breed


Welcome to the official launch of the South River Rehabilitation and Performance website! Please feel free to take a moment to look around and get to know us and the programs we offer. South River opened its doors on October 1st, 2016 and prides itself on the ability to continue to evolve. Everyday we are … Continue reading Welcome!

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